My Very First Poem, ca. Rhode Island, 2009

“@ the Beach”

Original (shitty) cell phone pic of Narragansett beach, RI
Original (shitty) cell phone pic of Narragansett beach, RI

I’m @ the beach & I’d like to share,
the sights I see, if you even care.

Moderately demented passersby;
under a blanket, a girl and guy.

Two lesbians frolic by a fence,
amidst the rocks and excrements.

Surfers bob in the distance.
I lost my phone I need assistance.

Ryan constructed a mini rock wall.
That guy with manboobs could be named Paul.

Moms & geezers flock to their chairs.
I swam in the ocean in my underwear.

A ball tossed by a hispanic baby;
dogs & seagulls pooping…maybe.

Avoid myriad stones as we claim our spot,
after smoking weed in the parking lot.

As I entered the water, I suddenly,
realized I did something carelessly.

Behold! In my pocket remained my pot.
will it still smoke? It may or may not…

To the shore, twas a dash!
To check the status of my stash.

I discovered it was fine,
back to the ocean it was time.

In the sky the clouds moved clear
to let the sunlight reappear.

I hope you enjoyed my descriptive speech,
regarding my day at the beach….

Written by : Alexandra Miller // special thanks to Ryan Hartnett & Narragansett Beach, RI

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